This One Mindfulness Technique Helped me in Goal Accomplishment

bhuwan pant coach and Mentor

When was the last time you sit with your team to discuss goal accomplishment?

Are you creating long term goals or short term?

Do you know how mindfulness can enhance your and your teams’ performance?

Let’s tackle the reality, all of us are stressed out of our daily busy routines and feeling constained for months in the same house during the pandemic.

Do you know what exactly does mindfulness mean? Mindfulness is about being in a meditative state where you focus on being aware of yourself, without any interpretation or judgement. It’s about relaxing your mind and body to reduce stress that can come from our day-to day life.

Here’s how you can practice mindfulness to improve your work life- 

First, A good beginning leads to the great Victory 

In the corporate world, everyone seems to be on a go. We sleep while thinking about work and the possibility of the next task that’s about to come.

But guess what? You can’t control the future by just stressing over it.

When you sleep with stress, you are most likely to wake up with stress. So before changing anything else in your lifestyle, you’ve got to sleep and wake properly. 

Thing of everything you do in your day and nitpick the things that don’t add any value in your life. It can be scrolling social media, or chatting with your friends for an hour and just try to limit them as much as possible.

Once you’ve got rid of the “don’t”, here’s what you must “do”.

Get quality sleep at all times. Hit your bed early and wake up early every day, you must sleep at 11 PM maximum at 12 PM and 7 AM is the peak time to wake.

Take at least 7 hours of sleep, it will reduce the maximum pressure from your mind.

Spare at least 30 minutes with yourself alone, do something which satisfies your inner being.

Do anything apart from your work or whatever you will be doing
throughout your entire day.

Mediate, jog, run, swim or play some sport or trying gardening or solving some puzzles in the newspaper. Anything that consumes your mind to have fun. 

The most important thing to ensure is being present both mentally and physically while doing these activities. 

Try to do these activities in the morning. These light-hearted activities will recharge your mind and help you perform better for the next part of your day. 

Second, complete your task with mindfulness!

Paying attention at the given task is one of the best cognitive abilities to have. 

Mindfulness is one of the few methods that works as a key asset and
an antidote for the person who is mind-wondering.

While working, you might think about several other tasks that are pending. Which makes it tough for you to be invested in the current work you’ve taken. 

The best way to perform any task is by taking enough time and working with full patience and energy. Do not try to complete the task in hurry.

Give your full attention to the given work at a workplace. 

Staying motivated and focused with full potential on the work at every difficult stage is your test. To pass, you’ve to overcome the frustration of learning new things and grabbing more insights by communicating with your mentors.

In an extensive research study conducted by Harvard University, the researchers measured the happiness levels of 15,000 people of different race, age and backgrounds. The researchers found that people’s mind wander almost half the time.

But when people are completely focused or engaged in whatever they are doing – no matter whether it’s taking out the trash, or working on a creative project – they tend to be 10-20% happier than people doing the same task with a wandering mind. 

Mindfulness get’s work done with a smile on your face. The important of presence is extremely important in a workplace. 

Finally, mindful meditation to improve mindfulness

One of the best things about mindful meditation is it really doesn’t require any particular equipment. All you need a peaceful place where you can perform meditation without any disturbance.

bhuwan pant coach and Mentor

There is a large possibility that it may not feel comfortable for the first time, it can be scary spending time in the silence with our own thought.

Sometimes even I wonder when I’m meditating.

Start with baby steps, even 5 minute can be enough for a day in the beginning, late increase your duration day by day just like another skill you practice.

It will discover the beauty of your mind.

Might possible you may think that it is waste of time, will doesn’t work for you.

There would be times where you’ll feel that meditation isn’t just for you. But don’t give up yet.

How would you the value of something without even trying?

Practicing mindfulness will also help you with your personal life and will  reduce stress. 

Moreover, it will help you in both your personal life and professional life, for accomplishing different goals.



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