What’s Stopping You From Mid Career Change & How to do it Successfully?

What's Stopping You From Mid Career Change

What’s Stopping You From Mid Career Change

Feeling frustrated in your current career can be demotivating. 

Even if you are exceedingly good in the job that you are currently at or highly qualified in a particular field with years of experience – but nothing matters if you don’t feel satisfied and happy with your job role.

Many people around the globe are unhappy at their workplace, but few leap of faith by changing/switching their careers.

If you ever feel alone that you are the only one in this dilemma of switching careers, there are many people who thought that the career choice they made was the right one at that time but now feel trapped in that job.

So what’s stopping people like you and many others from switching careers?

There is a lot more to it than just leaving one job and getting a new one.

You have to make up your mind before you hop on this rollercoaster.

Jobs and careers play the most significant role in shaping our personal and professional life – and it’s so big that we think that we can’t afford to take that risk.

The importance of carrier satisfaction cannot be stressed enough.

It’s crucial for motivation and progress, and well-being both mentally and physically.

It becomes important to understand the consequences associated with not being happy at your workplace.

Over the years, I have seen people looking for a career change, and I have noticed a trend in challenges that often comes in the way of changing careers.

Let’s look at some of these challenges that come in the way:

The first one is Uncertainty, uncertainty and Uncertainty

Wanting to change carriers involves a lot of uncertainty.

You will be venturing into a new field and leaving the comfort of your old, well paid stable job. What if you can’t find a job that you like?

What if the pay is not good? What if I don’t like it?

Uncertainty is the supreme concern when changing a career at any age.

From job security to job failure- you worry about all possible scenarios that can happen.

All this tension is understandable and sometimes unavoidable,

do remember that all that could happen if you decide to venture into the unknown and find happiness in the work that you have to do for the majority part of your life.

Here’s the secret to overcoming uncertainty: do something different.

Doing the same thing you have always done leads to the same situations you’ve always had.

Solution :

When faced with uncertainty, don’t go out of your way to avoid it.

  • Taking small risks – any little thing you can think of – will help you feel more in control and better about yourself.
  • And the best part? The more you do it, the more you’ll become comfortable.

Eventually, change won’t be scary. It will become normal.

  • You can then focus on making the change a positive marker for your life.
  • Whether it’s a new job, a book, or a blog, pick one thing that scares you and go


How to handle family pressure in a career change :

Leaping into the unknown like a career change is no cakewalk. This transition effort takes a lot of energy and requires a lot of effort.

Switching to a new field or role might require you to up-skill yourself and add more knowledge and experience for you to be successful in this new field.

You find yourself at the bottom of the ladder where previously you would have been higher up.

Many professionals stop from switching from their old job because they are more worried about dealing with the judgment of friends and family and on how they would network in the new field.

As the saying goes, that nothing worthwhile and something that you love dearly comes easy, and if you want to have that from your career, then you will have to work more than anyone else and overcome every obstacle that comes in the way.

The fear of change and having your family not understand you is a very big challenge for millennials.

You will face different expectations and high expectations from your family and people in general.

Individuals who want to make a career change recognize that an excellent income and job stability should be every adult’s priority but don’t easily ignore the pressure and guilt that come from their friends and family.

Things to do before making a decision to change your career to help you handle family pressure:

  • Research different career options
  • Take your family into consideration while making a decision
  • Give them comfort by sharing the complete plan and do the risk assessment with them
  • Think of different scenarios for each of the changes
  • Prepare well before leaving.
  • Set realistic expectations for the change.


“One of the biggest reasons people don’t change jobs is that they’re imagining having only one destination, and they don’t know what it is. So they don’t change anything.”

“It’s easy to be paralyzed by your determination.

If you postpone your choices and changes for a week, a month, a year, two years, three years, all of a sudden, you don’t start until you know where I’m going”

“The magnificence of a professional change is that it’s not just about your work, it’s about your entire life.

What’s more, the sooner you can feel like you have command over your opportunity to pick another way, an alternate excursion, regardless of whether you don’t have every one of the appropriate responses,

the almost certain it is you’ll have the option to begin rolling out little improvements.” 

Finding the Inner Self while shifting into a new direction? :

A person should be aware of their own self,

and their own inner thoughts,

and use it all to make a career change that matches their values and triggers their happiness.

Professionals changing careers often face the biggest challenge that they need to overcome, that being to look at themselves.

If you are planning to go into the transition phase of a career change, then you have to have a deep sense of self-awareness.

Know and understand your core values, interests, and skills that will help you in the process of a career change and make sure that you reach the right destination.

Professionals going through a career change often need to go under a period of self-exploration and get a true sense of their authentic selves.

To work in a field that satisfies you and keeps you motivated, you need to understand your core values

and find what drives you and ensure that the work that you have chosen aligns with the values and goals that you wish to accomplish.

How to take the first step :

“One way for people to combat this paralysis is to think,

‘Where are my interests, where are my curiosity, where are all the little things that draw me in every day? I feel like I’m still alive.

Where do you live? And then take a small step or two towards these. In other words, like with most goals, it’s important to start with small, realistic steps. 

 “If you can add a little joy today, you will naturally start to get more done.

And, as soon as you get more done, you’ll get better, and one day someone will offer you money… start small, find what interests you, create projects around it and test a new opportunity. 

The subsequent suggestion is just to make a move. Pick something to zero in on for the present moment,

make a little test or undertaking to explore different avenues regarding, and realize that picking a certain something, for the time being, doesn’t relegate you to it forever”.

Final Thought:

If you’re indignant, discouraged, or faced with unsatisfactory emotions in your current job, it’s probably time to think seriously about your career change.

I have been working as a consultant for many years, having experience helping people overcome all the problems mentioned above.

Book a free telephone consultation with us to navigate your options and chat with me at the options available in our website.


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