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More Testimonials - I’ve helped 

Bhuwan Pant is a Terrific Mentor and Coach

I had a great experience interacting with him recently. He has loads of diverse experience and uses a very structured approach. He makes effort to understand the person you are and accordingly builds the session to offer the right value and impact. He has a knack for picking up minute details and going deeper into it to provide practical solutions. A very strong counselor and coach, I would highly recommend him to anyone , looking at dramatically improving their output in any aspect of life or career in a corporate/own business
Sangram Samantray
Marketing & Communication Head

Career Advancement and More organized and Fulfilled Life

Career advancement and More organized in Life -
I had a wonderful sessions with Mr. Bhuwan Pant. They are full of insights from real-world people.

The knowledge that I have gained is priceless and rare. Mr. Bhuwan is a Coach & mentor who has seen & done it all.

His guidance is based on practical approaches that are going to bring results. He has all the time for his mentees and ensures his attention is focused & his methods are customized for every individual.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be associated with him. I wish to learn more & grow.

Joydeep Das
Software Head

From Pressure , Procrastination and Analysis paralysis to Control and Confidence

From pressure, procrastination and analysis paralysis to control and confidence…

I am blessed to have powerful Mentoring Sessions with Mr. Bhuwan. Being in the initial stage of my career, it was extremely necessary to get a different view point on the way I’m leading my life. He also helped me to overcome my chronic procrastination problem and taught me how to work on my strengths. Thanks to him for his wonderful sessions, I now have clarity on how to move forward. He helped me analyse my weaknesses and gave me loads of insights to think and work upon.
Lakshmi Jaisimha
Content Head

He is a Gem of a person - Would recommend to Anyone

I have known Bhuwan since 25 years. We both have exchanged coaching associations with each other. At one point of time I had been his coach, while other point of time he was my Coach. He is a gem of a person, besides being a powerful Business & Life Coach, he is also spiritually & morally conscious human being. His best ability includes the power of EXECUTION & FOLLOW UPS. He wont leave you midway, he ensures you keep getting consistent push with doses of inspiration, so you are ultimately able to get your results faster. Great to have him as Mentor & Friend.
Divya Shlokam
CEO Divya Shlokam Media Network

Benefits of My Mentoring & Coaching Program

  • Exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking.
  • Advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses.
  • Guidance on professional development and advancement.
  • Increased visibility and recognition within the company.
  • The opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge.


A mentor can provide different perspective and can help in identify blind spots so that one can make important decisions with greater confidence and clarity.

1) Deep Inner Work – Mindset, Beliefs , Patterns and Blockages.

2) Becoming Fearless in Handling Issues and problems.

3) Master the art of Exponential success.

4) Creating balance between professional and Personal life.

  • Push individuals out of their comfort zones
  • Hold individuals accountable to the deadlines they have set for themselves
  • Solution of Problems : Share advice, hacks and valuable life lessons.
  • Offer the resources needed to move business along at a brisk pace
  • Help the individual navigate any bottlenecks or rough patches
  • Provide praise when a milestone is achieved, giving the individual a boost to keep wanting to hit more goals

Mentoring is more development driven, looking not just at the professional’s current job function but beyond, taking a more holistic approach to both personal and Next level Professional Life.

Coaching is more performance driven, designed to improve the professional’s on-the-job performance

  • Mentorship will be 100% confidential.
  • Based out of Honest and Ethical ideas.
  • I will not promise any transformation or results as its Out of MY CONTROL
  • I will promise to see you as a POWERFUL Person, I will see you as a 10X version of yourself and I see you as a More Wiser and actions oriented person even when circumstances “appear” to be out of your control.

Learn How to Build Your Coaching Business from Scratch?

And Your Road map to Build a Powerful Personal Brand This year !


  • You will get total clarity on How to find your Niche which has potential to bring consistent flow of money and income.
  • You will learn to Create an irresistible offers to give your target audience full clarity on what you do and why you’re the one to help them.
  • Become THE Expert in your niche & Unlock a ton of Opportunities, Identify your Audience & Find out what makes them tick.


  • Identify your best marketing assets (ebook, talks, website website, webinars, book etc.) required to build your client list.
  • Create & Share Content that is Gold to your Audience and Grow your Influence & Convert Fans into Buying Customers
  • Identify and Grow your Best SOCIAL MEDIA Platforms to build your Tribe.(Facebook, Quora, You tune, linked-in, Instagram or others)  

The course will teach you BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION TECHNIQUES like...

  • Finding the right business idea
  • Position your business in the marketplace & in the mind of the consumers
  • Write a convincing brand promise
  • Find & validate your niche
  • Start a community, build it into a tribe and become the leader of this tribe
  • Figure out what your audience wants
  • Build a powerful story for your brand
  • Develop a memorable visual identity
  • Establish your presence online (web & socials)
  • Craft an irresistible offer
  • How To set the right Prices which motivates customers to buy.
  • Create content that is gold to your audience with your mobile phone
  • Distribute the right kind of content on all the major platforms
  • Grow your authority by building social proof (testimonials, reviews, …)
  • Become a micro-influencer & get sponsored by brands
  • Build meaningful relationships online and develop a healthy network
  • Get people to LOVE you & buy your products/services

AND Life Transformation Techniques...

My Coaching Creates Awareness, It moves the client from the state of unconscious mind blocks to a state of awareness of what these are. I will explore your values and beliefs to help understand what stands between desired outcome and the present reality.

  • Its about Offering new perspectives and insights.
  • Offering practical Tools and Resources.
  • It also helps you to gain distance and perspective on personal challenges.
  • Helping you to gain clarity and focus.
  • Helping you to discover answers within you and matching it with outer reality.
  • Motivating and Inspiring you to take action
  • Providing Support and encouragement.
  • Trusting it and believing in your unique potential
  • You want to experience Deep Coaching.
  • You want to learn how to coach powerfull
  • You want to experience breakthroughs in your thinking.
  • You want to discover what truly drives you.
  • You’re ready to put creativity ahead of reactivity.
  • You want to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed.
  • You want to make a far bigger impact.

Where to Start Your Journey

Dear Friend,

If you’ve been banging your head against the wall, trying to figure out

  • How to Build your Personal Brand ?
  • How to Scale your Business ?
  • How to Set up the pricing ?
  • Which social media platform to follow ? 
  • Which technique to apply ?

Or if you’re looking for a way to supercharge your earnings,

  • Put them on Autopilot, and make Massive, Passive income by Creating Your Own Online real time business

Let me know how I can help you with your CUSTOMER BUILDING PSYCHOLOGY and start attracting the right kind of customers into your business !