Coaching Story of Raji Nagarajan – How She Emerged as a Strong leader?

Raji Nagarajan

Clients Testimonial: Coaching Conversation with Raji Nagarajan

(Raji Nagarajan is a Principal Enterprise Application Engineer in a Big Multinational Organisation having more than 20+ years of experience.)

Raji Nagarajan Says………

“Now, I feel more confident and resilient after taking my sessions with Bhuwan, he has been a source of motivation and always has made me discover my higher self. “

Let’s have a look at the excerpts of the conversation I had with her.

 Hi, Raji Thanks for having a wonderful conversation and sharing your Coaching experience .

Hi Raji my first Question is How did the Coaching Sessions Transform you

After Six Months of coaching with you, my attitude about myself, my career and my Corporate career have shifted 180 degrees.

I find myself returning to the same feelings and attitude I had when I started my career, the courage to make and even embrace change and to move forward by making choices that benefit me, not just looking out for everyone else.

You helped me at least to develop a plan or concept for what I want my career to look life for the next 10 years of my life. 

The coaching sessions really made me think about what it was I wanted to do in my career, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the right path for me.

Actually, when I started my sessions with you at that time I was unable to think clearly and you helped me to organise my thought with the questions that you brought to our meetings.

You helped me to re-evaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I wished to do with my working life. ”

Me – How has my coaching helped you?

I feel a person needs to be lucky in order to get a coach like you Bhuwan, you had helped me in numerous ways that I couldn’t even imagine.

You had given me a keen outlook on various aspects of my life and also made me be attentive of the strengths and weaknesses that I possess.

Knowing my Hidden Strengths was the game-changer, The key change happened when I found those hidden leadership strengths, and with your help, I develop and started using them in my day-to-day life.

3 – What is the one thing that impacted you the most?

 Raji – The one thing that impacted me the most was the way you personally helped me in developing a positive attitude and generating self-awareness about myself as a person.

I had the instilled habit of being affected by everyone’s behavior which took a toll on me,  but now after your sessions, I am able to concentrate on my core values.

 I noticed a difference in how I showed up. The sensations are subtle and deep – feelings of ease & courage to express through me, from me. I was able to take big decisions with courage and also achieve my targets.

4 – What was the biggest shift for you?

I feel as if I have found my comfort place, I am very much at peace even at very stressful meetings and situations in my corporate life.

I learned the art of staying calm and focused during crucial conversations and meetings. 

The Leadership Modules are designed in such a wholesome way that One is able to accept himself the way he is without being affected by external factors.

Also , Your 5 Step formula helped me a lot. That is

  1. Dream Big
  2. Keep taking baby  Steps
  3. Think Long Term
  4. Success starts from your Mind and then it goes in the Outer world
  5. Don’t Quit – Keep Going,

5 – I know earlier also you had taken many coaching sessions, How are our sessions different from another coaching?

I find your sessions are really different from other coaches as you have your own ways to help you through your journey.

You told me to make my own Powerful story which actually pushed me in my life,

The best thing is you individually customise the plan according to my respective needs. He has the power to analyze thoroughly and also put in best of his advice on the table for you.

I feel extremely grateful that I was able to connect with you and learn such intricate details about myself with every session.

6 – What are the insights you would like to share about my coaching?

Coaching has helped me in understanding myself in a better and wholesome way.

Having the opportunity to learn from you has made me more hopeful and now I find ways to uplift myself in every way rather than looking down on myself which came as an eye-opener to me.  

7 – What are the results you have seen after coaching with me?

The after results have been great, Now I feel I am a very strong leadership is who can Powerfully encourage, motivate, inspire and challenge my team to produce their best work.

I am more focused and clear about my thoughts now and am able to make decisions after a proper analysis and determination.

I no longer linger my attention on unnecessary things and emphasis more on my core skills more.

Thanks, Raji for sharing your Coaching Experience, I wish you all the best for your Career and Life.


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