How to Design Your Environment to Make Success Easier ?


Ever wondered why it is easier for most students to study in school rather than at home during a big winter break?

While there can be many reasons, one of the primary ones is the school environment. The classrooms, the library, the strict teachers, the discipline committee, and the students, all put their emphasis on this environment and make it easier to study.

Similarly, achieving your goals and walking on the road to success needs a proper environment to ensure you don’t burn out or give up too easily. If you want to know how to create such an environment for yourself, then this article is for you.

5 Powerful Ways to Create an Environment to Attract Success

  1. Create reminders to move, smile, and that you are going to die.

Success might have a different definition for each of us, but it is directly related to your health and mindset.

That’s why the first tip on this list is to create a system to keep reminding yourself to move at least once every hour from your desk. And also to smile.

The movement will help you stay active and push the oxygen to the very demanding brain you need for your success. The smile will help you stay positive and keep your mood intact even in tough times.

Also, remind yourself that you are going to die one day – that your time on this Earth is limited. You must make the most out of the time you have and achieve your goals.

But we often take time for granted and forget this fact. So, search any website like the Death Clock. You will get a rough idea of when you will die.

Calculate this in hours if you want. And with every passing 24 hours, you will see your time slipping off your hands, never to come back. Don’t get sad by this. The motive is to feel grateful that you have enough time and then make the most of it.

So, keep some reminders for the above on your phone or laptop. I am sure you spend quite a lot of your time on these devices.


  1. Do not own a TV, Netflix account, and the likes.


If success is what you desire and if you don’t belong to the TV or entertainment industry, then owning a TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or similar account is equivalent to keeping a heavy but useless stone on a cart you are trying too hard to pull.

Entertainment is only what you need to enjoy a couple of hours of breaks during a workday or sometimes to catch a movie at the weekend.

But having a dedicated account for the purpose is bound to make your brain think that entertainment has great importance. After all, why would you then pay for it when you can find some free delightful videos and movies on sites like Youtube online.

The big size of the TV makes it remind you to watch it often. If you don’t have it in the first place, it will be out of sight, and thus out of mind. And you can always read a cherishing fiction or nonfiction book.

Imagine how many hours and even money you will save by not having these accounts or a giant expensive TV in your living room.

  1. Keep notifications switched off for social media apps.

This one is a no brainer. If you want to control your life and lead it to a path of success, it is crucial to not be led by influencers and brands on social media that are waiting to get your attention, before you can devote it to your goals.

So, stop checking your phone every time it beeps.

Switch off notifications to all apps that don’t require an urgent response. For most people, depending on how you use these apps, the time-wasting ones are usually Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and Youtube.

Pick a time of your day to check these, instead of wasting your time by getting on and off from these all through the day.

You know the fact that it starts with a thought of just spending 5 minutes, but ends up with almost an hour gone to trash.

So, respect yourself and make better use of the time you have.

  1. Stop hanging out with toxic people.

Success won’t come to you if you often get in touch with success repellents – a set of negative people.

Having even a single toxic person can be dangerous and may trickle down your chances of success to zero.

The reason being that negative people – friends, family, or colleagues can often demand way more mental energy than they deserve. And if you give them all the energy you have, what’s there to serve you in your quest for success.

So, save all that energy by cutting off the negative people from your life. They are anyway, not adding an ounce of goodness to your life.

What if you cannot? What if it’s a close family member or boss you can do nothing about?

In such cases, try avoiding them. Keep little to no contact with them. And also try to empower your soul with meditation, affirmations, and good habits, so that you have more energy to tackle them without letting go of the handle to your goals.

  1. Add some plants and sunlight to your desk area.

While removing negativity from your life is important, adding some positivity is crucial too.

And the easiest way to include this in your environment is through some oxygen-rich plants on your desk. Plus, a big window or door to bring in natural light from the sun.

The plants will add their vibrance to your environment while purifying the air you breathe. This will help you stay in a better mood and a better mindset so as to work for your goals with all your heart.

Studies suggest sunshine can help decrease stress, anxiety, depression, and all those negative emotions you might feel. All thanks to its powerful positive vibes and the boost in vitamin D it provides.

Bonus Tips

Those were the 5 most useful environment hacks to make your success easier. But here are some bonus ones.

  1. Keep your room and desk clean. Try to delete all useless apps, files, and photos from your phone and laptop. Outer order often translates to inner calm. And being peaceful makes you able to jump on your way to success instead of crawling or walking.
  1. Create reminders for affirmations. Speak to yourself things like ‘I am a powerful soul’, ‘I am a creative soul’ and repeat this often with a positive feeling. After all, thoughts become reality.
  1. Always keep a water bottle at your desk. Don’t forget that health is an essential part of this journey. Drinking enough water is the easiest way to take care of it.
  1. Additionally, you can get a treadmill desk or a standing desk to ensure sitting for long hours on your laptop to work on your goals isn’t killing you slowly.
  1. Lastly, and this is a super powerful tip – create a vision board and keep it in the front of your desk. Put pictures signifying where you want to be in a few years. The vision board will remind you every day that you are not there yet, so you must keep moving forward.

Which of these is your favorite success-environment hack? Do you have any more to add to the list? Drop them down in the comments below!


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