How to Write 100s of Articles Quickly Using These 5 Routines


Whether you are a writer or not, writing 100s of articles is a feat! But how can some people do it easily while others cannot? Maybe they have some daily routines that keep them on track of this adventure. Read on to know what they are!

The 5 Not-So-Secret Routines of Writers Who Produce Tons of High-Quality Words


  1. They start their day with writing or something equally productive.

How your day goes depends on how you start it. If you know or have heard of any army men sharing their tips on discipline, you might know this one.

They tell you to start the day by making your bed. Why? Because that gives a small win at the very beginning of the day. Thus, making you excited about the other tasks throughout the day.

On the other hand, starting with something that you must not be doing can give the opposite feeling. For example, if you start your day by eating a giant hamburger or by scrolling through your friends’ photos on Instagram, you may not feel great about it. And may feel like a failure all day long.

The bad feeling won’t help you do your tasks in the right mindset. And the result would be an unproductive day.

If you want to write loads of content on any given day, you need to have the discipline and a good feeling driving you to do the work.

Start your day by writing 100 words or engage in some other productive habit like reading. Doing this is a perfect way to ensure that you get a win early in the day and can write some good stuff all through the day if that’s what you want.

  1. Block distractions before you go to bed.

Now to start with a productive activity in the morning, you need to make sure something unproductive doesn’t catch your attention. If you come across a gaming console or your phone with social media notifications on, you are bound to get distracted.

What if your laptop opens up to the web series you were watching last night? Won’t you want to catch up to just one more episode before starting your work? You will! And this way, you will start your day off on the wrong note.

So, block your distractions before going to bed instead of trying to use your will power in the morning.

Keep your phone away in the next room. Use a regular alarm clock for waking up, it isn’t expensive. And make sure your phone is set to the ‘do not disturb’ mode.

When switching off your laptop the night before, make sure no Netflix or video apps are open. You can even make your PC open the text editor app as soon as it starts so that you know what you have to start your day with.

Hide your gaming console, novels, and other distracting items in your cupboards and away from your desk.

Make sure your desk is not messy, or else you might decide to clean it first before writing. And that may not be as winning a task as writing 100 words.

Keep a water bottle, some snacks, and a pen and notebook ready for you at your desk the night before. If you work by creating outlines on sticky notes, make sure you have ample of those ready as well.

The fewer distractions you have in the morning, the faster you will get to work.

  1. Read a positive book before bed (not something on the phone or laptop).

When you end your day on a positive note, you are more likely to start the next one the same way. And nothing can be better than reading – as a positive habit – if you are trying to write 100s of articles quickly.

After all, reading something gives you a lot of content ideas. Plus, incredible words, metaphors, and inspirational quotes you can use in your own content.

But make sure you read on a physical book, not something on your phone or laptop. One of the reasons for this is that you need to keep your phone in the other room all night.

Secondly, letting blue light from the screens enter your eyes at night can hamper your sleep activity. Blue light decreases the release of melatonin – the sleep hormone. So, if your eyes get hit by blue light in the night, you are more likely to experience insomnia.

And beware, because not sleeping well often leads to stress and a decrease in cognitive function. Both of these are bad for you if you want your brain at the best capacity in order to produce tons of high-quality content.

  1. Write every day.


This one should be obvious, right? You cannot write 100s of articles without writing for 100s of days. Writing requires proper research and editing-proofreading after the very act of writing. So, it does take time, and you must give it that.

The other reason why you should write every day is to create momentum.

The more you write, the easier it becomes for you to crystallize your thoughts into words. You start structuring them better and start using better words too. You also learn from yesterday’s practice of writing, which you can connect with today’s practice and use today.

To add to this, writing every day also increases your speed. So, if you write 1000 words in four hours on your first day, you will be able to write 1000 words in half the time after a couple of months.

It is not possible to take advantage of these benefits to the utmost extent by writing irregularly – say once a week.

So, even if you are writing 500 words a day, make sure you write every day.

  1. Always carry a notebook with you.

The main secret behind how writers produce the insightful content that they do is because of their thoughts. But don’t good thoughts occur in our brains? They do, right? So, what is the difference?

The difference between us all and these fine writers is that they maintain a swipe file.

Now, a swipe file is a file or a notebook where the writers store all their thoughts, ideas, inspiration, etc., that they can use in their content. Now, these content-worthy ideas can come anywhere and anytime. They don’t see if you are stuck in a queue or in the shower at the moment. So, keep a notebook with you at all times. You can buy a waterproof notebook for shower ideas. Also, create a folder in your phone where you can maintain this swipe file.

Be always ready for such thoughts and ideas. Most ideas come from the content you consume so, keep a tab on that as well.

The more content ideas you have, the easier it becomes to create 100s of articles in less time.


Those were the five daily routine ideas you can use if your goal is to write 100s of insightful articles for your audience online.

Do you already follow any of these? Or are you about to start with one? Let’s discuss in the comments below!


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