6 Simple Yet Powerful Ways to Double Your Hidden creative Power


Many people wonder if creativity is a talent someone is born with or a skill you can develop. Well, here’s the good news for those who believe in hard work and would love to tap their hidden creative power.

Creativity is a skill within every human, waiting for you to tap it and develop. It’s not just for people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Shakespeare, or Christopher Nolan and MF Hussain. It is there in your heart, ready to jump out if you know how to make it pop.

So, how do you tap into your hidden creativity and in fact double it for splendid results?

Here’s a List of Actions You Can Take to Double Your Creative Potential

  1. Brain dumping exercise

When you want to find a creative solution to something, take a notebook and a pen and start dumping everything that comes to your mind on paper.

Don’t stop when you feel you have written down everything that’s on your mind. Continue writing.

Initially, you will have 20 ideas, then 10, then 5, and in the last cycle of putting thoughts to paper, you have a couple of ideas. And these ideas are most probably the ones you are looking for. The creative solution to your problem.

The process allows you to filter through the common not so creative ideas by letting them out of your mind first.

It helps to make space for the ideas, which might stay hidden forever at the back of your head, clouded by the useless information and thoughts of everyday life.

Author of the bestselling book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron suggests you should commit to a habit of writing Morning Pages. These are about three pages or 750 words that you should write first thing in the morning. And you can write anything that comes to your mind during this practice.

This daily activity will help you clear the garbage thoughts and make way for high-quality ones. It is these which can lead to a breakthrough creative idea. Thousands of professionals today follow this advice from Cameron to unleash their creative genius. You can too!

  1. Allow yourself to be imperfect.

Unfortunately, there is no tap of creativity of which when you turn the knob, you can expect an unending flow.


James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, says, unlocking your hidden creativity is more like working in a gold mine. It is when you get rid of the layers of dirt, silt, and rocks that you reach the gold.

That’s how most creative geniuses work. Be it writers, painters, musicians, film directors, comedians, or choreographers.

They let themselves create some trash first! They remove the layer of ordinary words, not-sale-worthy paintings, songs that no one might ever listen to, by getting it out of their heads. Once they do that, they have free mental space to let the extraordinary words and the million-dollar paintings and songs come out.

To summarise, don’t expect to create perfect things on the very first try. In fact, don’t even try to do that. Just create some garbage first!

  1. Stop waiting for inspiration. Show up every day.

Are you someone who waits for inspiration? If you are, it’s high time you stop being so amateur and enter the world of professionals.

It’s not the rare moment when inspiration hits you that the universe blesses you with the best of ideas. It is the sheer volume of work that you do that triggers and unleashes that creative potential.

Experiment with it on yourself. Start your creative journey with one craft – say of writing better stories. Put dedicated hours into this craft – daily for a year.

In the first few months, you may have about 2 to 5 story ideas everyday. Many of these will be childish. Some will be complete trash. But as the year will come to a close, you will most probably find your ideas in the league of the geniuses.

Let’s take a common example of the 21st century. Go and visit the Youtube channel of your favorite Youtubers having a couple of years of work. Watch the earliest videos. Try giving a score to the level of creativity in those videos. Then watch the latest ones. You will find that score would have risen dramatically.

So, show up every day and focus on creation. Creativity will follow with time.

  1. Show your work.

In order to show up every day, put in years of your life into brain dumping exercises and creating imperfect pieces of work, you need to stay motivated.

Also, you cannot improve without consistent feedback.

So, show your work out to the world. Publish it on social media, create a website or a Youtube channel to show what you are passionate about.

The appreciation and awe that you gather for your work will keep you inspired to continue on the adventure.

The critics and their feedback will help you grow.

Yes, there will be haters who might try to demean you and your work, but you will have to learn to ignore them and focus on doubling your creative potential.

  1. Stop thinking about work.

You might have heard many creative souls tell you that the best of their ideas come in the shower. Well, that’s not just to make creativity sound ultra special.

Most ideas and solutions to problems come to your head when you stop thinking about them. It is when you isolate yourself from the main idea and let your mind wander off that these ideas present themselves.

Your brain makes connections with other information and ideas present in your head with the current ones when you let it free for some time. It is when the brain makes the most unique connections that the most unique ideas take birth.

  1. Move your body.

There was a study done in the year 2013 by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. The study proved the impact of exercise on convergent and divergent thinking – the two primary elements of creative thinking.

The exercise in the study involved cycling. The conclusion from this and other similar research is that it is doing aerobic exercise that brings such results.

So, start your day with at least 30 minutes of running, cycling, jumping rope, or your favorite form of exercise. And be ready to double your creativity.

Wrapping up

Regular brain dumps and some imperfect work that’s done daily, with workouts and a platform to show it off to the world are what you need to tap your hidden creative power and double it.

It is going to be a magnificent journey! Are you ready for it?



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