My Story

First My Entrepreneur Journey..

Here it all Starts from My PASSION :

I left my High Profile Corporate job to fulfill my dream of becoming an Entrepreneur.

I started my Entrepreneur journey with Rs5 Lakh in my Hand

I know it is very less but I decided to keep my saving for my family to fight tough days which may come if I Fail.

At the start I did so many things to earn money .

But Nothing worked out.

I failed.

I lost money just trying and testing lot many things which come on my way.

like Stocks,Business and Network Marketing. They didn’t work for me.

But After 1 year of trial and errors and I found my niche and I never looked back.

I also found a mentor who was from Israel and He charged with me $10000 for his 4 months for Coaching and hand-holding me to build my business. (I used my credit card to pay this huge amount as I was confident of my decision.)

And fortunately that become the best decision of my life.. it changed my Life.

Now I am Coach/ Branding Expert and Entrepreneur after 3 years of ups and down.

 I had coached more than 120+ people from various Industries and Countries.


My Corporate Life

Right from my early days I had a passion for brands. Probably this is why I have worked for top brands of India – Maruti, Idea, Reliance and lastly with Airtel.  A successful career with these brands, in which I reached the mid-level management made me think. Why not own a brand of my own? How long would I work for the vision of others?

My E-commerce Store

Apart from my coaching I had also diversified into e-commerce and had outlets on Amazon & Flipkart. 

My e-stores are selling our brand Nature’s Connect. It fulfills my passion for owning a brand of my own.  The products we sell are pure, premium and 100% natural.

I feel happy to be the moving force behind a brand that is enriching and adding value to thousands of users who are architecting the exciting growth story of India.

This is just the beginning. I have plans to make my brand a global one. And if I can think of it, I can surely achieve it.

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