How to Be More Creative in Daily Life – 4 Fun Ways You Must Try

How to Be More Creative in Daily Life

How to be more creative in Daily Life ?

That’s a question asked by every budding writer, artist, filmmaker, YouTuber, and influencer you see on the internet these days.

Whether or not you are among these, if you have this question, you must know that the answer is pretty simple.

Creativity comes in peace.

…Have you ever had any creative ideas while in the shower? Or while washing the dishes. Maybe you are talking to a friend about something totally unrelated, but you suddenly stop and realize you have an incredible idea for your next piece of work.

That’s because creativity cannot come to a chaotic mind. It comes to you when you are at peace and rested. Those moments when you are doing something with no pressure in your mind bring you the most fantastic ideas.

Some people even get ideas while trying to sleep or first thing when they wake up. These people keep a journal beside them to jot down their idea. Others plan to take a walk in the park whenever they need a breakthrough.

That’s right! You can create situations where your mind is at peace and all set to bring you worthy ideas.

Here Are 4 Cheery Ways for You to Find Your Creative Zone

1. Look at the other side :

Oftentimes, it is difficult to find a creative solution to anything if you keep looking at just one side of the picture. Try looking at the other end.

But how do you do that? Go talk to a friend who might give you a different perspective. If you can find a TED talk, podcast, video, or blog online that gives you that, then it’s even better. Because such content often brings evidence for your brain to believe in that different perspective.

As soon as that happens, your brain will connect the dots and wire the neurons in a new way that might give you the creativity you yearned for.

2. Doodle, paint, or draw : 

Creativity is synonymous with art. If someone draws or paints, we instantly think that he is more creative than us.

That’s because the very act of drawing or painting, just engaging in anything artistical, helps to fire up various types of connections in your brain. At times, these activities help to make use of your brain much more than you would otherwise.

So, do not hesitate to pick that pen and doodle around the next time you are in a meeting. It’s even better to schedule some time in your day just for painting, drawing, or coloring type of activities.

Such activities bring peace to your mind. When practicing these things, make sure you don’t have the pressure of creating something extravagant. You don’t need to. Just bring back the child in you who had fun with drawing and doodling.

Do it for the joy of creating and see how relaxing it is. As your brain relaxes and as more neurons fire up, you will suddenly get the creative idea that could make your day, if not life.

3. Try being in scatter-focus mode – 

Chris Bailey talks about the scatter-focus mode in his book hyperfocus. According to him, while hyperfocus mode promotes productivity, scatter-focus is for creativity.

So, what does it mean? Scatter-focus mode brings your mind to a calm state where it does not have the pressure to focus hard on anything external. Rather we let the mind wander with intention.

Bailey talks about three methods of scatter-focus in his book if you are in search of some creativity. These are habitual mode, capture mode, and problem crunching mode.

● In the first method, you make it a habit to give your mind time to wander by setting up a daily task that does not need you to be hyper-focused. For example, washing the dishes or strolling your dog.

● In the problem crunching mode, you give your mind the primary details of the problem at hand- the one for which you need a creative solution. And then you give it something happy to do. For example, you can go for a walk or run and let your subconscious mind find the solution.

● The third method, the capture method is one in which you just sit down while your mind roams around freely. All you need to do next is capture everything. Open a new note on your phone or pick your journal and write down everything that comes to your mind. And soon, you will have some creative breakthrough, which will be surprising to find in the rest of the junk.

4. Create Idea Infusions – 

This tip is somewhat along the lines of getting that different perspective. What you need to do is fuse different ideas. And there are some pretty interesting ways to do that.

For example, try comparing different things, find similarities between them, and create new unheard analogies. You can try something easier, like studying two differentiated concepts from different fields. And then relate that with your creative problem at hand.

Here’s a fun exercise. Find the 7th line of page 30 of two different books and then try making a story out of them.

You can also get in touch with people who are different from you on the surface. For example, if you are a writer, try meeting a taxi driver, and find his opinion on the problem you need a creative solution for.

Parting Thoughts

Because these methods help your mind stay at peace and make you have fun, they are more likely to bring you the creativity you desire.

You should also note that when your mind is not at peace, maybe it’s chaotic or in fear, you might experience negative feelings like that of self-doubt.

Such negative feelings can make it worse as they are the enemy of creativity.

So, help your mind have fun at times and it out of the enemy-zone. What might seem like unproductive time may end up giving you a life-changing creative idea!

All set to find your creativity? Which one of the methods are you going to try today?
How to Be More Creative in Daily Life
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