How to Drop the Negative Energies of 2020 for a Bang on 2021

bhuwan pant, 2021

Moving into the new year with the same old negative energy of 2020 is bound to make it bad for you.

You will miss out on leading a beautiful life that’s fulfilling and purposeful.

The solution is to drop and leave them behind with 2020.

The challenges this past year brought us, have allowed us to practice more self-compassion. And that’s what we need to take forward. We all need to be more kind towards ourselves and get ourselves out of the trap of negativity.

5 Ways to Drop the Negative Energies of 2020 and Move on With a Smile


  1. Give thanks to the universe that we are safe.

One of the effective ways to bid goodbye to negative energies is by thanking the universe. So many people lost their lives, yet, if you can read this article, this is something you must be thankful for.

Next, if you have had the chance to keep your job, or get into a more exciting one, thank the universe for that.

Several people were house-bound, but some people like the doctors and policemen had the opportunity to save lives. If that’s you, thank the universe again. And be grateful, even if you weren’t one of the warriors out on the road because then you had the chance to be safe, with family.

Thank the universe, not just if this year has brought you any good, but because it didn’t make you meet the worst of conditions that many others did. Gratitude is what will make your life more fulfilling and enhance your thoughts about the past year.

2. Direct your thoughts towards positivity.

Even if you find it tough to be grateful for everything, direct your thinking towards the positive happenings. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, try focusing on the fact that the economy is growing. Or that things are settling down even after a chaotic year.

Stop focusing on the discomfort the lockdown brought you. Try thinking about the clean air, the more me-time or family time you got because of it.

If you cannot help but focus on the negative, here’s what you can do. Whenever you think of something negative, write that thought down. Next, take a positive spin on it and repeat that to yourself.

For instance, if you are upset about gaining a lot of weight this year. Turn it into ‘I let myself free of any restrictions and enjoyed my lazy company with my food. Now, I will take care of my body and not let that good time hurt my health’. Got the idea?

Do this and change your self-talk. Become a coach for yourself instead of an enemy.

3. Make sure you are surrounded by positive people.

positive people

While moving on to the next year, you must make sure you are not taking any toxic acquaintances and friends with you. Such people can take you down without you even realizing it.

Have you ever caught yourself using a word you hardly used but your friend uses all the time? Or have you acquired a habit of something just because your friends do it all the time?

Think, and you will have the answer. The answer that each of us gets influenced by the people we surround ourselves with.

But if you are lazy enough to not give a thought to how toxic some of these people around you can be, then you will be taking a sack full of negativity with you into the new year.

So, pause your life a bit, find the people who take away your positive energy, or are drama queens who can’t help but waste your time. Then check if you are dependent on them for anything. If you are, find ways to become self-dependent and then plan to reduce your interaction with them.

If you are not, don’t wait another moment to decide that you don’t need them in your life. Start with deleting their number.

If they are someone who you have to live with, focus on reducing your interaction with them. And make sure to charge your soul with immense positivity from other areas of life, if you have to be around them sucking your energy at times.

4. Help others :

When was the last time you helped someone without any selfish intention? Do you remember how they thanked you? Much more important than that is the question – do you remember how that felt?

Rewind your life a bit and try to bring that feeling back to yourself. You will realize that life suddenly felt more meaningful and positive after you helped just one other soul. That’s what helping others does.

Doing good for others makes your life more purposeful, and it makes you worthy. Thus, adding an ounce of self-esteem in your heart, which allows you to stay positive.

So try helping others as much you can. You don’t need to donate hundreds of dollars to the charity. Or even spend a whole day at the orphanage.

You can start with something as small as putting a positive comment on a creator’s post online. It will encourage them to work harder on their content creation process.

You can help your parents in the kitchen. Or assist an elder by carrying their shopping bags. Maybe just hold the door open for someone in the restaurant.

Simple things like these matter too.

5. Get nature therapy :

Nature has a lot of positive power for you to cherish and take advantage of. But living in a society where we spend more time under the roof with computers, it becomes difficult to make time for nature.

Try adding some plants to your home and office or wherever you spend most of your time. Their pure oxygen and revitalizing energy surrounding them is sure to help you switch on your positivity.

If you have any dying plants around, try helping them live again or remove them. Don’t keep them around you.

Also, try spending more time under the morning sun. Not only is its vitamin D good for your body, but it’s shining rays have the power to induce a lot of inspiration in your head.


Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. Why not go and open up your windows right now?

Another thing you can try is adding morning or evening walks in the park. The more you look at the happy green plants and breathe in their oxygen, the better you ought to feel.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, focus on the positive. Be it your thoughts or action, try to make sure they have a good vibe. Laugh more and try to complain less. Stop thinking about the struggles of 2020 and start visualizing the success and happiness that’s waiting for you in 2021.

Let us know which of these tips are you going to try. And do them today. You don’t want to wait for tomorrow for the goodness you deserve right now, do you?


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