The Secrets Of High Performers : 4 Ways to Generate More Energy in Life


Energy is extremely infatuating. Some people just exhibit high energy which makes you feel good and want to achieve greater things like them.

Maintaining High Energy is one of the biggest secrets of high-performing individuals.

Without energy, many struggles to even leave the bed. While some work to build up high energy to conquer the world.

It’s an internal thing, which helps to build a drive inside you to finish a task.

Do you know : High-performers require a lot of energy to overcome the small and big struggles of their everyday lives. 

In many cases, high performers face long-term stress and suffer the negative consequences of it.

How can you forget stress, the biggest “stop sign” for ending all good things in your life?

Ongoing stress causes poor quality of sleep. Decreased quality of sleep results in low performance, endurance, resilience and so much more.

Many times, stress plays a key role in preventing you from achieving your highest potential in life. There can be a lot of things that pull you from becoming a high performer, for instance, the absence of joy. However, there’s only one thing that can make you a high-performer – ample energy.

Yes, we all have negative feelings every once in a while, as all humans feel.

However, high-performers know how to prioritise the emotions they want to experience and consciously direct their thoughts to generate positive energy.

By intentionally practicing the positive emotions, high performers remain in a positive state and manage to do work better and faster than anyone else.

1) Starting the Day with a Positive Question

When you create a good start to the day, the day will turn out to be excellent. High-performers often ask themselves what positive outcome they expect to do after they wake up. We all plan our day, right?

We do the necessary chores which are absolutely required but there are certain actions that are hard to do. All you have to do is set a reward for a tough task, or insert appreciation and excitement for the work. If you loathe doing your work, then the entire day will turn out to be disappointing.

You will not enjoy working and at the end of the day, you will stress about not finishing a task.

Just as how you look forward to positive outcomes, handle your stressful citation in a positive way.

You know you have a lot of work to do, so energize your mind about finishing them and eating a cupcake at your nearby cafe. Seems like a great deal to me?

Ask yourself what’s the best thing you want to do at the end of the day. What’s the positive outcome you expect today? Psychologists call this practice “cognitive defusion” to help defuse and control a problem.

2) Build a Stamina to Succeed.

Generating high energy is also reliant on your physical health. Good energy emits from a healthy mental and physical body. High performers energize their bodies with physical movements and breathing techniques.

When you take care of your body, your mind also becomes healthier and happier. Get more sleep, eat healthily and exercise to alleviate physical stress. These healthy habits will make you feel better and allow your mind to work to its fullest potential.

Stamina is extremely important to succeed in life, it heightens and sustains levels of energy. Tiredness, exhaustion and mental fatigue always interfere with your goals and dreams.

You always need the energy to manage a good professional and personal life.

You will require high energy in the morning to complete a project for a long period of time.

Then you will require more energy to play with your kids when you get home, walk your dog or be present with your partner.

To continue doing your favorite hobby on the weekends like playing badminton, gardening, or hiking, you will require energy here as well.

If you can’t generate energy when you need it, your performance will stop altogether leading to a bad professional and personal life. If you have the skill to generate energy then you know how to live your life to the fullest.

4) Build a Routine with Breaks

When you look at the routine of famous musicians, actors, and chess players, you will notice the importance of breaks. According to professor K Anders Ericcson at Florida State University, interval training is extremely vital.

Ericson found out that professionals increase their productivity by working for 90-minutes, followed by some recovery time.

You can apply the same routine in your life as well.

To increase your performance, design your workload into 90-minute blocks.

Follow each block with an activity that will refresh you, like taking a walk, dancing or socializing with your friends.

The 90-minute routine helps to take a physical and mental break throughout the day.

It also helps to build more energy for the next task and make your day more productive.

4) Spot Distractions and Get Rid of Them

To become a high-performer, you require extensive focus to achieve results. Focus comes from identifying distractions. Once you spot them, learn how to eliminate them from your daily routine.

Distractions are like parasites, they live off you. You are their main source of entertainment, causing you to lose your sense of purpose. To identify your distractions, you need to be honest with yourself.

Be honest about where you choose to spend most of your time. The area where you spend most of your time and energy, speaks about what your priorities are and what is truly important to you.

Do you spend more time on social media, or do you chase perfection in a place where things aren’t even completed? Do you lose yourself in the Youtube rathole or do you continue to achieve your set goals?

High performers prioritise responsibilities and make smart decisions about things that distract them from that path. Exercise the primary task that’s important in your timetable.

Do you feel bad about not watching the latest Netflix series that everyone is talking about? Do you feel bad about not connecting with your friend? Do you feel you say yes more often than you say no?

If you answered yes to all three of the above questions, then it’s time to take a hard look at your priorities and value goals to achieve excellence.

All high performers value responsibility and know-how to build a path of clarity to achieve high performance in life.


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