What is Inner Happiness? Find the Yogis Secrets to Lasting Happiness!

Inner Happiness

We all know what it’s like to feel happy.

But what is happiness, really?

Is it just a feeling that comes and goes, or is there more to it than that? And if so, what is inner happiness?

So let’s understand what happiness is….

Happiness is the feeling of joy, elation, and contentment.

But what does it mean to be truly happy?

True or Inner happiness refers to the state of being content with oneself and one’s life.

It is a state that one can achieve by following certain practices and principles, such as meditation or yoga.

Inner happiness is a state of being that is not dependent on external circumstances.

It is a deep sense of contentment joy and peace with oneself, without any fears or anxiety that comes from within

It is not something that can be bought or achieved; it is a state of mind that arises naturally when we are at peace with ourselves and our lives.

There are many things that can contribute to inner happiness, but some of the most important are a sense of purpose, a positive outlook, strong relationships, and a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

An inner happiness is different than an outer happiness because it cannot be bought or sold but rather has to be earned through hard work, patience, and perseverance.

Inner happiness is about being in tune with oneself, feeling content and at peace.

It is about not worrying about what others think or say, but rather living your life the way you want to.

It’s about accepting yourself for who you are, flaws and all.

It’s about recognizing that you don’t need to be anything else but yourself to be happy.

How are Ancient Philosophers of the Past Describing Happiness?

Our Vedas and the Upanishads have been teaching humanity the true meaning of inner happiness for years now.

The ancient Indian philosophers, such as the yogis and the Vedic scholars, are describing happiness in different ways.

Some of them stress on the importance of being content with what one has and what one is.

Others like Lord Buddha and Lord Krishna emphasize on how to be happy by not being attached to things that are temporary.

There are many ancient philosophies that describe happiness in different ways.

For example, yoga is a practice that is said to lead to happiness by promoting physical and mental well-being.

The Vedas, a collection of ancient Indian texts, also have a lot to say about happiness.

They state that happiness comes from living in harmony with others and from having a balanced and fulfilling life. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, also had a lot to say about happiness.

He believed that happiness comes from within and that it is possible to find inner peace even in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Zen, a school of Buddhism that originated in China, also emphasizes the focus on the present moment and letting go of attachments.

However, all of these philosophies share the common goal of helping individuals find true happiness and inner peace.

Whatever the approach, all of these ancient philosophers agree that happiness is something that comes from within and that it is possible to find it even in the midst of life’s challenges.


But with every passing generation, we get distracted by the chaos of life and forget that the solution is right here – ready to be used.

One of the primary things that these scriptures talk about is achieving inner happiness.

The yogis in the past understood this well and designed a life that would take care of happiness.

But as we move farther from those years, we also distance ourselves from that beautiful ancient life.

Today, let’s discuss the meaning of inner happiness – something that’s crucial to understand if you are on a spiritual path.

We’ll also discuss how you can achieve true happiness despite getting entangled in the chaotic energy of the modern world.

What’s Inner Happiness?

According to the Vedas, happiness is a result of realizing the truth. It is the very nature of man that’s been forgotten or ignored.

As soon as the curtain of ignorance rises, happiness will be revealed to you.

The reason we are unhappy, even after being born as humans, is that we have not yet discovered that happiness is within us.

The average human wastes his time and effort seeking happiness outside – in the material world.

From travel to food, music, and alcohol, humans have tried everything.

We can feel pleasure for a few moments when we get involved in such activities. But there’s no way these things can give us the true inner happiness that our core energy desires.

We often confuse pleasure with happiness.

According to J. Krishnamurthy, the renowned philosopher,

“Pleasure is gratification, satisfaction, indulgence, entertainment, and stimulation.”

But happiness isn’t all these things.

The reason we seek happiness is that we are running away from unhappiness. This unhappiness is a result of our miseries.

Inner happiness is embedded within us and always was, but the focus on the miseries in life makes us ignore it.

What are Some of the Best Ways to Live More Happily in the Present Age?

Living in Present Moments: The more you think about the past and the future, the less happy you will be in the present.

This is because when we think about the past, we have to compare it with our present lives and when we think about the future, we are worried that it won’t be as good as what we had hoped for.

There are many ways to live more happily in this age.

The first thing you need to do is stop comparing your life with someone else’s life. You should also focus on living in this age instead of focusing on what might happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday.

Here is a list of ways to live more happily in the present age.

1. Yoga: Yoga is an excellent way to improve your happiness, health, and wellbeing. It has been shown that yoga can help people cope with stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol levels in the body. It also improves sleep quality and can reduce pain in some cases.

2. Vedic Meditation: The Vedas are a body of ancient Indian texts that contain wisdom on how to live a good life. The Vedas can be very helpful in understanding the true nature of reality and finding inner peace.

Vedic meditation is an ancient form of meditation that was practiced for centuries by yogis who were seeking enlightenment. The practice involves sitting comfortably with eyes closed, focusing on your breath, and repeating a mantra or positive affirmation silently to yourself for five minutes.

3. Traditional Yogis: There are many traditional yogis who still practice the art today; however, they are often overlooked because they don’t have social media accounts or popular YouTube channels like their contemporary counterparts do!

 They also tells that we should live in the present moment and not be attached to material things.

4. Spend More Time With Family: Spending time with family can be one of the most..


So, Let’s Understand in Detail About – How Do We Get In Touch With Inner Happiness?

Start with the basics. Then move to an advanced stage.

Practice Yoga

According to Osho, an Indian Spiritual leader, “Finding inner peace is the most difficult thing in your life.

But it is the easiest. The answer is simple: watch the flow of your mind without judgment. Let all thoughts pass.”

But can you let the thoughts pass when you are constantly thinking or stressing about them?

You can’t.

One of the reasons our minds are so busy and messy is that our body isn’t at peace.

They are both connected. So, a diseased body will pave the way for a stressful mind.

When you make practicing yoga a part of your daily routine, you can bid the diseases goodbye. That too, while improving your immunity.

Thus, making a shield to protect you from future body issues.

The more you care for your body, the less misery you will have.

You won’t have to fear having a heart attack at a young age because it’s getting common.

You won’t have to worry about having body pain when trying to work on your dreams.

You won’t have to worry about increasing pollution, the harmful UV rays of the sun, or the increasing medical costs.

Every part of your body will be in a peaceful state. And you will be able to spend your time and energy on spirituality and things that take you closer to that happiness within.

Practice Meditation

Some of the factors that affect our ability to find inner happiness are kindness, empathy, and inner balance.

Meditation helps strengthen these. It also reduces our stress and anxiety, which can often make us focus on our troubles in life instead of developing the intelligence to overcome them.

Additionally, basic meditation has health benefits for your physical and mental health.

By taking care of these with a few minutes of breathing (watching the flow of your mind), you make way for emotional health.

Once you get acquainted with meditation and can do about 20 to 30 minutes daily with ease, you can aim to meditate for multiple hours a day.

It’s that advanced meditation that will help you remove the veil of ignorance.

It will help you understand answers to questions that lead to your truth, and know yourself better to know true inner happiness.

Change Your Perspective

Osho says, “Your mind is just like a river.

Thoughts and thoughts and a crowd of thoughts go on passing.

You simply sit by the bank, unconcerned, just a witness, and you are in for a great surprise.”

By looking at your thoughts from another perspective, you understand that your thoughts don’t matter as much as you think they do.

And also that they are, for the most part, a hindrance to your happiness.

Another spiritual leader and founder of the Isha Foundation, Sadhguru explains this further.

He says human beings have elevated their meager issues above the work of the Creator. All suffering stems from this underlying cause.

The full significance of being alive on this planet has escaped us.

Your current experience is a product of an idea in your head or an emotion inside of you.

Remember thoughts or emotions have the power to completely change the course of a creation that is otherwise going splendidly well.

So, change your perspective and take a step closer to happiness.

The One Advanced Way To Kickstart Your Quest For Happiness

Commit to a journey!

That’s right, it’s as simple as that.

When you move towards something and overcome all the hurdles that come your way, you develop the intelligence required to let go of life’s burdens you shouldn’t be holding on to.

You start understanding the nuances of life.

You get the little but deep things you would have ignored before reaching this advanced state.

This is the time when your meditation sessions do not happen because meditation is good for you.

You meditate, sometimes for several hours at a stretch, because it takes you closer to the ultimate truth – to the divine – to your happiness.

Ultimately, Inner peace is possible in a time of stress. You can achieve it with exercises that cultivate mindfulness, More aself awareness, gratitude, and happiness.

you let go of your attachment to the material world, focus on your journey – whatever it is, and find the happiness you seek on the way.

More Power to You

Bhuwan Pant



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