Stop Downplaying YOURSELF ! You are very Powerful

Stop Downplaying YOURSELF

Stop Downplaying YOURSELF! You are very Powerful

Worries about what others might say to you are normal and can be a troubling issue and because of that most of the time you downplay yourself.

IS that right ….

Some people worry so much about what others might think about them that it leads to depression and overthinking.

However, you cannot control what other people will say to you on a regular basis.

It is best to spend less time on worrying about what others will say and worry about the future.

Sometimes it is possible that you are not aware of your accomplishment and downplay yourself.

And occasionally, you might feel you have a duty to comply.

Or let me ask you a question – when was the last time you downplayed an accomplishment?

Downplaying your success or accomplishment is not good for your personal and professional growth, since it impacts a variety of areas in life.

It is not only important to celebrate your achievement, but also to allow others to do the same.

This will affect your motivation to work towards achieving your goals in life and the development of healthy, supportive relationships.

Are you diminishing yourself? Downplaying how downright amazing you are?

Let’s make that all stop right here. But what are the reasons you could be downplaying yourself and able to fully celebrate your success?

Here I have listed some of the most prominent reasons that you could be downplaying your achievements

  • Poor Confidence

When you are confident in yourself and your abilities, you know that you are capable of handling different situations.

And if you have poor confidence, this could lead you to downplay yourself.

And also lack of confidence can result from a lack of self-esteem, as well as from a lack of confidence.

In the long run, self-trust and confidence can greatly enhance your overall well-being because it allows you to feel relaxed and at ease navigating a multitude of different situations in life.

Gaining confidence and self-esteem can be boosted by acquiring and practicing new skills.

  • Lack of Control

Having a lack of control means feeling as if you have no control over your life or what happens to you.

Maybe you feel powerless to change yourself or the world because you feel incompetent to do so.

Since you feel powerless to fix your problems, you may believe that you have no control over them.

It has been found that individuals who have high control are less likely to be negatively affected by situations in which they do not have control over what happens, thus improving their mental health.

  • Fear of Failure

With the fear of failure, you doubt your abilities to succeed because you are unsure of your abilities.

Though you may fear failure, you are prone to either avoid challenges or give up too quickly without making a real effort.

When something goes wrong or feels inadequate, people commonly act out in order to hide their feelings of inadequacy.

It is common for people to deny the importance of their work, blame external factors, or make excuses.

  • Poor Outlook

In addition to feeling that the future won’t be any better, poor outlook also impacts feelings of hopelessness.

People with poor outlook are more likely to experience feelings of hopelessness, which makes them less likely to participate in behavior that will lead to positive changes.

It is also common for people to self-sabotage when they feel like this.

With this, you can provide yourself with a second reason to blame for the shortcomings you perceive to be their own.

  • Trying to Please Others

As well as people-pleasing, downplaying can manifest as self-indulgence.

An individual who is unhappy with their own image may go above and beyond to make others comfortable and happy so they can gain external validation.

Most of the time, you don’t give much attention to your own needs, say yes to things you may not want to do, and feel guilty if you refuse to do so.

Conclusion : Stop Downplaying YOURSELF

Many people like to think of themselves as underdogs and this is because they believe that they will never be as successful as other people and this is because they are not as capable.

Sometimes people will compare themselves with others and this is because they are not comfortable with the fact that they are not as good at something.

It can be hard to accept that someone is better at something or that someone else is just more talented at something than you are.

It is important to have confidence in yourself and also to remember that no one is perfect.


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