How to start new year 2021 ?

How You Should Start New Year 2021

Wondering How You Should Start Your New Year 2021?

Setting the stage for 2021 isn’t going to be easy. The lockdown has brought with it many detrimental habits for some people.

It has encouraged some of us to indulge in entertainment and news with Netflix marathons and TV sessions. For others, the pandemic has induced a defined fear that has led to an attitude of blaming and complaining.

There is a possibility you didn’t develop any such destructive habits in the past year. Rather you spent more time on significant activities like yoga, meditation, and learning.

Or maybe you were struggling with some damaging habits already.

Whatever the case, the following article will help you understand – how to start your new year 2021 in a better way.

We are here to help you get rid of the 7 most unproductive and degrading habits of all time.

Time to Replace Your Unproductive Habits With Productive Ones..

  1. Replace Netflix Marathons With Sleep :

Ever wondered why you watch Netflix? Or binge-watch youtube, for that matter?

While sometimes it is to enjoy a show or two, most of the time, it’s only because you get bored or are procrastinating from the priority task of the moment.

In such cases, you think you will only watch one episode or one movie. But then end up wasting hours and hours of your time.

What you need to remember is that time is a non-renewable source. It won’t come back.

On the contrary, Netflix marathons end up tiring your eyes more. And you aren’t able to work as efficiently after that.

The solution to saving your time and energy is to replace Netflix marathons with something that’s not just useful but energizing.

We are talking about sleep. Sleeping will help your brain and body relax. And as you wake up after a nap, you will be much more motivated to focus on your work and goals.

2. Replace Fast Food With Homemade Food :

We don’t need to tell you about the disadvantages of fast food, do we?

Such food will not just make you fat but will snatch away your energy. The less energy you have, the more you are likely to indulge in bad habits like eating fast food.

All this will make you unhealthy, both – physically and mentally. Thus, keeping you away from accomplishing your goals in 2021.

The solution is to replace your fast food with homemade food. If you crave snacks, it’s better to prepare some in the morning at home and then have it whenever you wish to have fast food.

You can also choose to have fruits and salad instead of munching on snacks. Initially, you might find them tasteless because of your habit of eating fast food. But you can always add some black pepper and make them delightful for your taste buds.

Ultimately, remember that by choosing fast food over homemade food, you will be losing energy, time, and also money in the long run.

replace habits

3. Replace Toxic Friends With Mentors :

Toxic friends can snatch away your mental peace, confidence, and the will to do good in life. They talk negatively and may take you to places with a rotten vibe.

It’s easy to say they are friends and forgive them. But the more you stay around them, listening and feeling their negativity, the more you allow them to become a part of you.

Replace such toxic friends with mentors in your life. Have a party planned with such a friend? Tell them you are busy and hang out with an experienced follow on LinkedIn. Learn from them. Ask them questions.

Much better – hire a mentor. The mentor will help you reach your goals faster, embracing the positivity within. He will keep you accountable to your dreams and help you talk less and do more good.

4. Replace TV Sessions With Exercise :

Do you realize the true cost of watching TV? It’s not just your electricity and satellite bills.

Watching TV reduces your self-worth by showing you stuff that’s far from reality. The news is negative. The commercials make you think you cannot buy that stuff and thus cannot give your family the goodness they deserve.

All of this increases your stress. Plus, most of us have our breakfast and dinner in front of the TV.

Maybe the family is beside. Yet, we prefer to spend the time with the TV and not with the smiles of our children or spouse.

Thus, reducing our bond with them.

Plus, watching TV makes you inactive. And it increases the chances of eating more. Now your brain registers the act of eating with TV. So whenever you are watching TV, you would want to eat something.

This habit is awful for your health. The best thing to do is to replace your TV with a treadmill or an exercise cycle. Thus, replacing your TV time with workouts.

It will save you the bills and will give you more energy. Make your family exercise too, and then you could help each other and keep each other accountable. Thus, improving the bond you have.

5.Replace Complaining With Gratitude :

Ever heard the saying – what you sow, you reap? What do you think you will get if you complain all the time? You will get this negativity back from the universe. But if you speak with love and compassion and are thankful for the universe, you get more things to be grateful for.

So, replace your complaining with gratitude this new year. How? Well, for a start, always think before you utter a word.

The second thing you can try is – be on the lookout for good in anything and everything.

You might not believe in this initially, but there’s always some good even in the worst of situations. Try to find that good and be grateful for it.

6. Replace Blame With Responsibility :

When you blame others for the wrong that happened to you, you are boosting your ego. You are saving yourself from being vulnerable and from the feeling of not being in control.

The truth is whenever something wrong happens, and life throws bricks at you, it implies your life is not in your power.

The moment you blame somebody else, it suddenly feels like you have it under control. Additionally, blaming is easy. But taking responsibility is not.

But this year, replace your habit of blaming with that of taking responsibility. Why? What’s the benefit?

The benefit is that taking responsibility helps you understand the lesson life has for you. It helps in personal growth.

It forces you to understand what things you can do to improve the situation. Thus, making you powerful. Eventually, it has a positive impact on you and others around you.

7. Replace Overthinking With Taking Action :

Overthinking has no advantage to it. But turning it into action is easier said than done. Don’t worry. We have an approach for you.

Start by developing an awareness that you overthink. Catch yourself on those overthinking sessions.

Understand that overthinking is related to the negative thoughts you have while making plans and taking decisions. So, try to focus on the positive.

When it comes to making decisions, give yourself a time limit. You got to realize that not everything is in your hands. The only thing you can control is your action. Thus, spending more time and effort on the act is what’s useful and not overthinking.

Once you have a deep understanding of this, it won’t be taxing to replace overthinking with action this new year.

 Now that you know the seven powerful replacements to the seven most wasteful habits, how about taking action on them? Pick one of these and commit to it right now! Promise yourself to make this year a flattering one.

By the way, which one(s) did you choose?



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