Success Talk with Om Thoke – The Most Successful Affiliate Marketer in India

bhuwan pant and Om Thoke

OM Thoke is the best example if you are looking for the most successful Affiliate Marketer to aspire.

He was working in diverse fields before making the plunge into affiliate marketing.

He started as a blogger and then turned into an entrepreneur, worked as a seed investor, affiliate marketer, e-com expert, and startup mentor.

We had an interview with Om Thoke, the leading affiliate marketer and one of the most followed bloggers on LinkedIn, Om Thoke; legal name: Sarweshwar Thoke.

Join us as we take through the excerpts from the interview.

How and When Did Your Journey Start?

I was born in a middle-class family. I had always been trying to discover various ways to earn money; I worked in call centers and gave tuitions to my juniors, In the second year of my college, I came to know about freelancing. It all started back in 2005.

I used to earn some money from Google Ads and freelancing; those were tough days,

I used to work as a freelance content writer and I got only $2-$3/day in return. Also, I had to attend college for 7-8 hours every day.

After this, I went straight to the call center to work for 8 hours. Being from a middle-class background, I only thought about making INR 3-4k / month, but when my Google Ads was on track, I was able to make 2-3 lakh each month, which was a very huge amount for me.

When was the hardest of all times in your journey and why and what helped you with it?

Nothing lasts forever. When things seemed to be sailing smooth, there was a storm that led to a huge downfall in 2011.  

On 18th May 2011, after my revenues had scaled to mid-five figures (in USD). I lost 93% of my total earnings because of the ban by Google AdSense.

During this time, I was shattered from inside for a long time because I neither shared this story with my family nor with my friends; not a single employee, basically NO ONE!, I never fired a single employee.

Later, I started designing websites like Audi Bengaluru, Audi Pune, and Davanam Sarovar Portico Suites.

By mid-2013, eventually, I was able to touch the same revenue level, although the profitability was not as per expectations,.

What is the lesson that you think you learned in your Journey?

To reach where I’m today, it takes a lot of potential, courage, and dedication as well.

I was not born with a silver spoon. I lost my father at the age of 19. There were many twists and turns throughout my entire life till date, but I managed to get out of those problems.

Whatever I know today, I’ve learned it from my failures and experience.

From back in 2006, sometimes it was the need of the client that taught me and sometimes it was those adaptations from the pressure of work that gave me a great lesson.

No entrepreneur is made without failure. Successful entrepreneurs work on the same thing again and again even if they fail, and I have the same story.

What is the factor that most contributed to your success?

I remember the time when I lost 93% of my assets in just a single night, which was a major setback for me.

At that time, I was working with a team of 50 members as my employees.

So, instead of backstepping, I took the responsibility of each employee who was working for me, because I felt that everyone was so much dependent on this job for their livelihood./

Therefore, I looked into my weaknesses and started working on learning different skills.

I taught those skills to my team as well and again bounced back with full energy.

I invested every aspect into my work. It was me against the world.

What are the major landmarks that you achieved in your Journey?

Affiliate marketing was a very crucial part of my life.

I started as a blogger, switched into web page designer, now working as a seed investor, affiliate marketer, e-com expert, and start-up mentor.

I have worked for about 15 years in this field and now have become one of the most followed bloggers on LinkedIn.

I was working with as a Global Hosting Guide and eventually became a part of, where I met Pratik Dwivedi, who is my current business partner and co-founder of DOTS.

Both of us were called by IIM Vishakhapatnam and the largest Affiliate Marketing Conference in Asia, AWA Bangkok 2019.

During the pandemic, I launched Bloggers World University and Ecom World University live workshops for training upcoming bloggers.

I trained over 1000+ volunteers, and hundreds of e-com marketers and got a stealer review.

And I’ll be teaching thousands of students via electronic media and lakhs of students in STMDoosra by the first quarter of 2021.

It is tough to elaborate everything in a single conversation. when I started my career as a freelancer back in 2005, I never thought that I would one day build STM Doosra, which would be the biggest sensation in the field of affiliate marketing in India.

STM Forum is the world’s largest Paid Affiliate Marketing Forum coming to Indian soil for the very first time, backed by us.

Why should someone start a blog?

I think the world has changed more digital during this pandemic. This world will change even more after the COVID pandemic.

It will be more digital and everything will be turned into technology. Only those who adapt to the changing landscape will survive, and this is the perfect time to start a blog or any digital business.

Utilise the opportunity at hand and get some value from it.



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