10 Powerful Lessons from Elon Musk That’ll Change Your Career

Elon Musk Life lessons that'll upgrade your career

‘I Am An Alien’: Elon Musk Responds To Indian Entrepreneur’s Query On Success’

There are a plethora of powerful words you can use to describe Elon Musk like

Innovator | Leader | Billionaire and Now Alien…

For someone who started his career as a disruptor by founding PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX, we have a lot to learn from the real-life Iron Man.

Although his career is extraordinary, it’s not out of reach for you and me. Elon Musk life lessons apply to every aspiring entrepreneur or employee. 

Here are 10 lessons from Elon Musk that helped him chase his dream. 

  1. Perfect Vision is the Half Win of the Game

 The most successful people have a powerful vision.

They share their point of view with their teammates and frame the most appropriate way to conquer the goal.

Furthermore, they can influence people in such a way that other people can understand and support their point of view. Similarly, Elon Musk has a powerful revolutionary vision. 

He not only had a positive effect but his ideas completely transformed the pattern of the industry.

Create a breakthrough vision of your career and connect with people who share a similar mindset. Build a team that works together to accomplish this one brilliant vision. 

  1. Build a team that PERFORMS

It all depends upon you how well you execute your idea.

A mind-blowing idea without any execution will remain an idea without any motion. 

A well-executed plan with proper planning can change the pattern of the market.

The work of Elon Musk indicates that you need an innovative team to work with and they will lead your way. Together you can come up with creative ideas with proper planning. 

Sharing the same level of motivation and enthusiasm with like-minded teammates will lead to the successful execution of your vision with financial benefits as well.

  1. Anyone can Bring an Innovative Idea

You should never hesitate about sharing your ideas with your teammates.

The one big thing Elon Musk has always tried to do is to be open to receiving ideas. He nominates the public and asks for factual help wherever possible.

By doing this, he teaches us to take benefit of every resource present around us. 

Which will later help his vision to be accurate. Moreover, Musk believed in teamwork, he thought that he may be an expert himself but the collective effort of the groups can provide results more beneficially.

Commitment to work led Elon Musk build Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX

  1. Think Huge, Devote Your Total Domination

While looking at the records of Elon Musk, this billionaire never depends upon a single product. He has a variety of options available which lasts in the market for a long period. 

When Musk was the co-founder of PayPal, he made it digitized for making it easy for the common people to send and receive money.

Similarly, SpaceX, which has a huge impact in the field of space travel. Elon wants to make a space-traveling commercial.

He never limited his work to one specific industry or kept it small.

From the globally used PayPal to SpaceX, he’s taken over the Automotive, Aerospace, telecommunications, Energy, and Transportation industry. 

  1. Always Remember Who Helped You During Your Need

When Elon Musk was developing his electric car company Tesla Motors, he borrowed some financial aid from the government of the U.S. When Tesla received global success, Elon Musk paid the $400 million loan to the government.

By saying he was thankful to the Department of Energy and all the stakeholders who lend him financial help.

  1. Do not fear Criticism

We love to hear compliments but scarcely enjoy any constructive criticism. In reality, criticism is important as it makes you bold. 

Seek criticism as much as you can.

Remember your criticisms act like a chisel that moulds a hard stone into a perfect statue. Similarly, it will help you to mould the best in you.

  1. Always Polish Your Basics by Implementing

One of the most revolutionary inventions which Elon Musk is proud of is Tesla energy. It was an idea that produces battery packs that enable power to sustain a home.

When Musk was discussing the idea with his teammates, they said that this idea is impossible. The existing method doesn’t allow to store this much power within a small battery. 

Elon didn’t just give up but worked to change the existing rule.

He founded a path to make the battery cheaper and can store much energy in a single battery. He challenged the early process and found an innovative idea.  

  1. Prioritise Your Work

All billionaires have the same tendency, they know the value of focus.

All of them understand that focusing on producing their product, instead of selling it into the market.

Elon Musk specifically designates that understanding the market and introducing a revolutionary product into it, will lead to big capital financial benefit instead of producing an average product.

  1. Don’t Worry, Failure Comes with Different Exposures

One of the major reasons why we stick is because we are scared of failure.

Stepping out of the comfort zone is difficult and risky. 

We’ve not reached out to people for help or applied for the dream job because we are scared of rejection.

Even if you face rejection, accept it and face or work on the next task. When you consider a rejection and work on improving it, you are most likely to come up with innovative ideas.

Before Elon Musk started the SpaceX program, he had a budget of $100 million. He mentioned that if he failed to launch a rocket with the budget, he will postpone the operation, but fortunately, he succeeded.

His first two launches cost him $90 million with a fail but this time he added $10 million with a successful mission.

  1. Work, Work and Work

Elon Musk is known for his popular “20-hour working in a day”. He’s known for working 100 hours a week at his multiple companies. His ideal route to accomplishing any work or dream is through hard labour. 

He sets a pace for himself where he knows that to overcome the future atrocities, we’ve got to push ourselves. He believes we have great potential which we might waste if we don’t churn them to manifest our dreams. 



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