Success Talk with a Very Young and Successful Coach – Sharad Joshi


Here is my exclusive Chat with Young and Successful Entrepreneur SHARAD JOSHI.

He is a Client Acquisition Coach, He has invested more than Rs30 Lakh on his own learnings and teachings from various mentors.

At such young age He is Now earning More than a Million in a Month. 

Let’s read more about his Journey and How my Sessions Helped him in his Journey…

First Sharad’s One Line Tip : Invest in learning, people and give value. Money will flow

“Don’t take any learning as an expense, rather an essential investment.”

I must say that Sharad is the most optimistic person in the business right now.

I am introducing Sharad Joshi, a Client Acquisition Coach who has helped 500+ students in more than 15 niches.

After dropping out from his 4th year of engineering, Sharad taught himself everything that could give him financial freedom.

From not having enough investment in learning English, his every route was a challenge.

With 18 hours of working every day as a freelancer on all different portals, he wanted to brand himself on his own and earn as a full-time coach.

Sharad’s journey is exceptionally encouraging, heartwarming, and inspiring for everyone who wants to start or someone who’s stuck at the moment. 

In this Chat, we talk about Sharad’s drastic change from a clueless engineering student to someone who’s empowering hundreds of students today.

What and how did he manage to achieve this extraordinary level of success? And what makes him genuinely inspiring? 

Not all part of Sharad’s journey has been successful. The failure granted him a robust mindset, quality skill set, and a solid career.

After multiple account suspensions and trying out different work types, he managed to find his ultimate goal.

Within just 4 years, he’s thankful for everything he got to learn from his coaches, failures, and journey.

As a coach myself, it was ravishing to learn about him and his struggles. His simple yet effective life advice applies to every amateur to veteran entrepreneurs right now.

Sharad emphasized the massive importance of gratitude and hard work as a must-have asset for every person within the conversation of success, career, and money.

His journey of making $96.40 a day to charging $1000 for an hour session is simply mind-boggling.

Most importantly, Sharad giving all his tips and tricks openly is the highlight of this podcast.


Excerpts of Our Chat …


Tell us a little about yourself and your journey so far?

Sharad: As an online entrepreneur, I started my journey back in 2017 as a college dropout.

I was in my 4th year of engineering but didn’t ever actually enjoy it. I wasn’t great in academics, and around that time, people would often inquire about what I’ll do next.

I was bombarded with questions about my career and money from my parents, teacher and friends. Around that time, hiring for students for 2 to 3 Lakhs a year was actively happening. 

I was clueless too. But around exam time, I, fortunately, met someone who kind of switched my life.

He was a new teacher, Mr Ashutosh. He asked me one day about my ambitions in life cause he was very frank and genuinely worried about me.

He told me that the post-college life awaits much more complex challenges and hurdles for me if I don’t take action now.

And that question instantly clicked to me. I started to look for ways to earn money. One such way was freelancing which eventually worked great for me in the beginning.

I started doing freelancing on multiple platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, SEO plus, and some more.

I began to make money through this platform, even more than people who got hired by companies at that time. So I decided to drop out of college and pursue this further.


But all of a sudden, something went wrong with my freelancing account in 2018. I was a top seller which I worked hard for two years to earn that position.

But one evening, I received an email informing me that my account was suspended.

I used to make a lot of money on those platforms, and all of a sudden, I wasn’t able to work there.

I tried to reactivate the account, kept sending them emails and tried to connect with the help centre, but nothing resolved. 

I realized that I couldn’t rely on the freelancing business after the incident.

So I thought of trying something else. I am also a dancer, so I opened up a Youtube account and taught dance and freelancing strategy to my viewers.

But that, too, after a while, got suspended because of copyright issues. Just when I was about to monetize, the account got banned. 

So I started with Instagram marketing around the last month of 2018 and tried for 2 to 3 months. I made some over this, but Instagram, too, after a while, suspended my account.

I tried almost everything. I made some money on this and that and then failed and then tried again.

At this point, I was questioning myself on what to do next since I didn’t have many choices. So I thought of creating my website and then sell my services through it.

I started my website, put all my testimonials together, and gave service to 5 to 6 people.

But it still didn’t feel freeing or entrepreneurial to me. Despite the self-employment, I felt the work was similar to freelancing, and I was dependable on people for making money. 

I was looking for other ways to earn passive income and something in my control where I wasn’t answerable to others.

I started looking for “how to make money online” and ended up with affiliate marketing.

I found Affiliate marketing interesting. People were making a lot of money through it without selling/owning products.

I watched many Youtube videos and found it simple cause the creators often explained it as if it was child’s play.

I tried for a month or so and ended up wasting $3000. The paid advertising didn’t work out for me at all.

I wasn’t earning any money now, just a few bucks from here and there. I couldn’t do any more paid ads cause I would lose a lot more money now. 

So I switched affiliate marketing with organic traffic. I tried different platforms like Quora and blogs, but it didn’t work out.

When I finally started using Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter for organic traffic, I witnessed a slight growth. In the initial period, the result was meagre, but it gradually grew bigger and bigger with time.

So this is my entrepreneurial journey till now. 

What was the turning point in your life?

Sharad: I have a habit of talking to myself to clarify self-doubts, reflect, and navigate my life.

I asked myself about my ultimate goal in life. What did I want to achieve? So I took a paper and pen and noted down my bank balance, responsibilities, lifestyle requirement, etc.

Then I realized that I wanted a life of freedom, especially financial freedom. I started to look for a business that would acquire me such freedom.

I began to explore different work and business types that could garner endless liberation.

I picked out affiliate marketing, consulting business and masterclass.

I created a structure of the businesses I wanted to take upon gradually and systematically.

I started with Affiliate marketing, where I received slow growth but then eventually saw a significant increase.

Many people began to connect with me and asked me how I was doing so great in affiliate marketing. That was very validating and assuring for me to hear from other people.

Then I took up my consulting program because now I knew how to get the results and easily teach others how to do the same.

That was the turning point for me because I started to make good money.

When I started consulting, I charged $100 for an hour session, then increased it to $300, $500 and now $1000.

It was a turning point for me as I understood the power of the teaching business. 

What was your biggest failure in the journey?

Sharad: I haven’t failed at anything in particular. Although I’ve felt like a failure, I think of those moments as a learning experience for me when I look back.

I meditate and express my gratitude for the things I’ve achieved till now. Last week, when I was doing so, I realized that I wouldn’t gain so many things if I haven’t experienced a particular backlog.

If my freelancing work didn’t experience any trouble, I’d remained in that position.

I could never make a new shift in my life if I haven’t some sort of difficulty or failure.

I haven’t failed. I’ve learned a lot.

So What are the biggest challenges that you currently face?

Sharad: Initially, the biggest challenge for me was speaking in English. Since I am from a Hindi medium background, it was tricky for me.

I used Google translator to communicate with my clients, which wasn’t ideal. In consulting and affiliate business, I felt the importance of conversing in English, so I challenged myself to learn it quickly.

The second biggest challenge did not have enough investment. Right now, I don’t have any challenge or hurdle; things are pretty much in my control.

I consider making plans and following them, so there’s significantly less chance of risk.

Things are going well according to my plan, so I don’t have any challenge. 

What were the key ingredients for your successful journey?

I never gave up on things, even after failing. As cliche as it sounds, it’s very accurate. I’ve failed multiple times and learned new things every time.

Another biggest thing is consistency. From the starting of my affiliate journey, few people also accompanied me.

We all tried for 3 months without making a single dollar. In the initial few months, we were trying to figure out things.

We all spent money, but some felt the business was a scam and decided to quit then and there.

But I thought to stick to it, and thing’s did work out in the end. 

To conclude, consistency and never giving up attitude will save your life and create the biggest success for you.


What was the cooking process or the strategy you used?

Sharad : There’s no secret to success. It’s out there. You have to go ahead and get it.

Success asks for hard work, not a little bit long hours of intense labour. I used to work for 18 hours a day consistently in the initial period. I used to sleep for 3 to 4 hours a day.

Besides hard work, you must go through failures without losing your enthusiasm.

There were days when I used to cry after working for hours and still not getting results.

I had to pay for so many things simultaneously, so it was frightening at that time.

But I never lost my will to work and move forward.

I remind myself to do the work regardless of the money coming in or not.

I would never question if certain things are possible to achieve or not; I’ll focus on the way to make things possible to execute. 

These are the smallest key ingredients of every successful journey. Do the hard work, never give up and be consistent. 

And most importantly, don’t value your success with others.

I read a social media quote that said, “Never compare your chapter 1 with someone else chapter 10”.

This was an eye-opener. I looked up to people who achieve more than me rather than putting myself down.

I tried to reach the amount of experience, skillset and knowledge these successful people had, and things worked for me.

What were the biggest surprises in your journey?

The biggest surprise for me was the day when I made 1 Lakh in a day.

When I started with affiliate marketing, I only made 7000 rupees a day.

One day someone reached out to me praising my funnel and asked if I could build the funnel for her.

At that time, I built funnels only for my work, so I accepted, thinking it was a great opportunity. 

When she asked me about my pricing, I thought maybe $300 or $400 were enough.

But instead of giving out my pricing, I asked about her budget, and she replied that she was willing to pay $1500.

Within just 15 minutes, I received 1 Lakh in my bank account, which still shocks me to this day.

What is your one piece of advice to people who are struggling in their journey?

Sharad: I see many people who put in a lot of work, investment and effort and are still not making money.

The biggest reason behind such a situation is not having the right mindset.

My mentor used to tell me that if you don’t have a target, you can’t hit one.

If you don’t think you’ll succeed, then there’s no scope for you to see the result. 

The second thing is to plan out whatever you do.

This was also one of my mistakes while I was starting.

Don’t do something out of the blue; performing any task with no direction will not secrete any benefit.

Find the purpose, target customer, the right track and how you can provide value to them. 

Even my mindset was making money since I also came from a middle-class family.

When I connected with my mentor, he advised me to stop chasing the money and provide the value.

He told me to try this method for some time. 

So I tried this process for a week where I just worked for people and wanted to give them as much value as possible.

In the same week, I came across a post from someone looking for help in automation.

So I commented in the post to help him out. We jumped on a Zoom call after talking, and then I resolved his issue.

He asked me for my affiliate link, which was pretty shocking because I was trying that for three months.

It was the lightbulb moment for me as I release that people react when you provide value to them.

Till now, I only focus on proving the value to people automatically reach to me directly. Provide money; stop chasing the money.

People hesitant to invest money in themselves. How much money have you invested in yourself in the last 4-year-old successful journey?

I have invested more than 30 lakhs in my learning.

College education failed me, so I’ve invested in every course I could lay my hands on or found on the internet.

People consider courses as an expense; I don’t. I take it as a future investment.

If a course costs me $1000, after learning and applying the knowledge, I can earn upto $10,000, 20,000 or 50,000. 

Courses that ask for money are pretty helpful and help to advance your skill set.

The three primary tools are the mindset, tools, and skills required at all walks of a successful life.

Change your mindset about investment.

If you are perceiving learning new things as an expense, you aren’t likely to succeed.

I still invest in learning more and more to stay one step ahead. It’s all about a positive mindset.

What are the three top things that you discovered and implemented through our sessions and how it changed your life?

The biggest Learnings that I have from your coaching session is about finding life’s purpose,

Those teachings actually helped me immensely in my journey.

Another one is You helped me to realize the extraordinary in me and what I do, it changed my life and business.

These are the top things apart from transactional learnings.

I even shared your unique insights with people whom I am coaching since they are very powerful and helping them also to shape their careers.

After learning from you about finding a higher purpose, I always recommend people to whoever comes to me. 

I give that credit to your teachings to me and am grateful for discovering many principles along with this and I am thoroughly pursuing it in my life. 

To never work for the money; instead, work for a higher purpose is a magic spell in life. 

Lastly Thanks Sharad for Sharing such wonderful information…

Keep changing the world with the knowledge and awakening you provide cause it does wonders.


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