How to Stay Focused Working From Home ? Experts Advice

How to Stay Focused Working From Home ?
How to Stay Focused Working From Home ?

How to Stay Focused Working From Home? – If you have recently found it difficult to focus and 100% productive as you used to be at work, know that you are not alone and it’s not your fault …

While working from home gives more freedom over your day, It can also make it harder to focus.

Do you want to know why you might be finding it harder to focus and be productive while working from home?

Before the pandemic hit, we had clear physical distinctions between our work and our personal lives, but now most of us are working and living in the same space.

 What can I do to be more focused? 

Step 1) Don’t make Conscious efforts about focus:  

Instead of thinking about focus as a conscious effort that can be harder to control, it’s more productive to think of removing any distractions draining your brains’ cognitive resources and reducing your ability to focus.

 So you can get started by removing the elements creating a disturbance in your surroundings.

If you have a shortage of space, it could help you face a window or a wall or even you can put a room divider.

Also, protect yourself from any auditory distractions because it drains your brain’s valuable resources. You can help use headphones to help block out background sounds.

When you are working from home, you are actually living in a comfortable position; you have the liberty to watch TV, eat drink whenever you like whatever you like, and you are more focused on creating work at per your convenience, but what is important is to to keep your mental state balanced both emotionally and physically.

So the next step is in How to Stay Focused Working From Home 

Step 2) Stick to your usual routine :

Sticking to your usual routine, like waking up in the morning at the same time as you were doing earlier, will help you set the tone for the day.

It will give your body and mind a signal that you are doing the same things today as you were doing while working during your regular office routine.

Step 3) Find a Perfect spot to work from home.

Have a good Table and Office chair at your work station

Working from home requires a comfortable home office chair, which will not distract you from work due to insufficient comfort or support.

When you start working on your desk, It will give your mind the same signals as it was getting when you were attending the physical office.

 Step 4) Set clear Intentions for the day :

 After sitting on your table, write your action plan for the day to give signals to your mind that you are ready for the day.

Setting up intentions for the day will help you avoid any unnecessary tasks or get busy without work, so set up intention first thing in the morning.

The best formula is to set up your intention for the day by following the rule of three – 

This means writing the three most important tasks in your diary to start your day.

Choose no more than three tasks to do for the day and when you start your work choose one item to focus on that and complete that.


How to Stay Focused Working From Home ?


Step 5) Take Frequent breaks :

Next is take breaks because frequent breaks are essential when you are at home.

The reason is when you are in the office you take breaks by going to different co-workers work stations, by taking part in various meetings or another discussion with your colleagues, even for coffee or tea.

In this way, You keep moving from one place to another and remain fit during the early days,

so while doing your work from home,

just take breaks at home and get some tea or talk to your family members. It will help you to relax immediately.


Step 6) Communicate with Your Team Members :

The next step is to communicate with your team members frequently,

It’s crucial to communicate maybe you can over-communicate because you are not seeing them so when you are working from home you both will feel good and may feel like sitting at your office. 


Step 7) Fix your Working Hours :

Make sure that you are working on a regular hour, by this way your entire team will be working on those fixed hours.

and also this way your colleagues, your team members don’t have to guess whether you will be available or not.

Even when you close your day, inform your team members or your colleagues that now you are closing for the day so that everybody knows and they don’t disturb you at odd times.

Step 8) Next is to move your body, just do some quick exercise, do some stretches, and feel good:


I hope you enjoyed learning How to Stay Focused Working From Home and have more work and balance life.


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