This Time Wasters Tracker Will Help You Save More Of Your Time

time wasters

“The trouble is; you think you have time.”

Yes, you are losing time without even realising the value of what you could have done with it.

We know it’s tricky to maintain track of your time without getting distracted.

The modern world is designed in a way to catch every second of your attention and retain it for hours.

How do you break this cycle?

I am no stranger to this situation. Like you, I too, surrender to the constant interruption of notifications from my phone. 

The urge and temptation of these modern designs are too difficult to resist. But we all know that it’s up to no good.

Often what you consider 5 minutes of Instagram scrolling can turn into a 1 hour or 2 without even noticing. 

Time is difficult to save, even more to TRACK.

When you evaluate the time you’ve been productive to the time you’ve just wasted, productive time consumption counts lower for most of us. 

So to make the most of your time, track the time you are wasting. 

Once you measure it, you’ll know what and how to improve on. 

Here’s the best trick that I swear by when it comes to identifying time wastage.


Time Waste Tracker

How does Time Waster Tracker help?

The chart contains 4 essential keys to figuring out the time that’s not fruitful – 

  1. Date and Week
  2. Today’s Distractions
  3. Biggest Time Wasters
  4. Time Evaluation

In “Today’s distraction”, you can mention the tasks that kept you away from doing the work you planned. 

List all of them, whether it is chatting with your friends over a call to watching the Netflix new shows, or going down the Youtube rabbit hole.  

Out of all the distractions you’ve gone through, list the one that consumed most of your time in the “Biggest Time Wasters” column. 

This chart effortlessly pinpoints the biggest distraction in your life. Once you identify the weed, pluck it out and plant the seed of pure hard work. 

I strongly recommend you to fill this chart for 15 days minimum to get an overall insight on the tasks you’ve been wasting your time on. 

Now It’s Your Turn…

I’ve shown you the simplest trick to master the time wastage and finally evaluate where you are wrong. Avoid the tasks that add no value to life while also consuming an extensive amount of valuable time. 

What do you think of the time-wasters tracker? What other productivity tips do you swear by in your daily life? Comment down below. 



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