Mythological Story on How to Handle Career Shocks ?

Career Shocks

What is the most crucial thing in an individual’s life?

What is something that drives us all throughout our life and what’s the actual purpose of our life?

At the very beginning of this article, I thought it is my duty to drop in some of such crucial questions in front of you to ponder some thoughts and come to the realization that what is that that keeps us awake at night?

Okay, so before you dive into further apprehensions, let me break it down for you in the simplest way possible.

Career, All our lives and all around us, the only thing that we have fed our minds is to find a career that can help us bring stability into our lives, and to be really honest, in most cases, it’s the purpose of many individuals, especially today’s youth.

No matter whatever we do, the constant thought that runs through our minds is about building a career which often leads us to some difficult adversities and ordeals that in most cases we are not ready to come across.

To put it in an exhaustive way, all of us, especially the youth of today are equipped and simply have trained their subconscious in such a way that we are unable to detect the shocks and rocks sometimes choices of career costs us.

This happens because we end up making a totally different spectrum which prevents us from availing the repercussions of taking a decision in heed.

Sometimes, it’s extremely difficult to get rid of the resentment that takes place when an individual has put nights of effort into the completion of a project and somehow because of reasons, that project is shut off midway.

This is the kind of career shock that usually derails an individual in the worst way possible.

Let’s Understand it from an Old Story …

Gautam Buddha might be the most influential personality today.

His preachings are still inspiring millions of people all over the universe, but do you know he too suffered a shock in his life?

He too has dealt with misery but in his own way?

Let’s see how…

Gautam Buddha’s father, after his birth was so in adorance of his son that he decided he would protect him from all the ordeals the world has to offer.

He was very sure of the fact that he wants his son to be king in the coming years, but he couldn’t bear to see him go through any sort of adversity.

This made him restrict Gautam Buddha from knowing a few realities of life.

Simply, he kept him oblivious for many long years before he himself came to know about it.

 In a few more exhaustive words, Gautam Buddha in some ways was kept in captivity by his own father wherein a perfect world was created for him.

A world where there is no hunger, disease, no aging, and no death occurs.

But how could these realities be held for so long when they are bound to take place?

When they are meant to unravel in the most significant ways possible?

There are many situations that arise in our life where we try to misinterpret the truth or not be accepting of the situation that we are in.

We often challenge the beauty of nature, we usually underestimate the reasons for its emergence and keep ourselves in a state of denial which leads us to the road of self-destruction.

Continuing the story, do you know how Siddhartha became Gautam Buddha?

After he attained puberty, he became very fascinated to venture into the world and live on his own terms, explore the world and see what it has in store for him because until now, the only thing he was acclimated to was his house, where happiness was so common that it came naturally to him.

However, adulthood gave him the urge to explore. Even then, his father tried to keep up with the illusions that he has created for him and made sure nothing hurtful is accessible to him. 

During such a visit to his village, he was fascinated and kind of drawn back by the sight of an old man.

He couldn’t decipher why he looked like that because in his world, youth was the only kind of reality that he was accustomed to. 

To be able to answer the apprehensions that he had, he took the decision to ask all those questions to the warriors that his father had sent with him.

Not wanting to ask those questions, they were awestruck that Gautam Buddha had known the truths and was sincerely obliged to answer whatever he had to question.

On their way ahead, he was for the first time in his life getting close to knowing the fact about death which made him a question, would death ever happen to him or his father?

And the answer was Yes.

These things came as a shock to him, however, Gautam Buddha has his mechanism to deal with all, this was the story wherein a simple boy with a great life turned to an entity that Inspires millions.

However, this isn’t what happens with 95% of the population, we are unprepared for failures and shocks even when it’s the most natural thing that is bound and inevitable to control.

As humans, we are prone to decline reality and keep ourselves stuck with the fake perceptions that we have created in our minds.

The rule of nature is to change, nature was created with the solemn idea to keep striving and bringing change because nothing in this world can be stagnant.

Coming to the crux of this article, similarly, change is inevitable in our career prospects too, shocks are meant to take place here and forth to test your abilities and keep your truth intact in front of you.

We eventually become very comfortable with our positions at our workplace and offer no effort to ourselves towards changing and increasing our self-worth.

Even when the situation seems going well, we need to keep reminding ourselves that nothing in this world comes with your authority to permanence. It’s bound to shrink, lay itself down.

So the point is, we need to be prepared, prepared to be absolutely shaken by shocks whether on the career front or personal front.

We need to step up with every decline.

It’s the most raw form of nature we need to be on accepting terms with.

I hope this article answers all your apprehensions and helps you in reaching your true potential.

Check this Video for the complete story (Language Hindi)


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