Coaching Story of Sangeetha B : Her Inner Transformation Journey to Empowerment !



Before undertaking any journey, don’t we prepare? From planning itineraries, making a list of do’s and don’ts, doing bookings, and packing our luggage.

Similarly, before taking on major roles in organizations, such as promotions and career transitions, working on yourself and upskilling to handle the new position better is a prerequisite.

This has been emphasized in this blog post, where we learn about an experienced professional Sangeeta’s journey through the corporate world as she embraces change management and gets ready to take on a leadership role.

 The first step in this direction was to take coaching under an experienced trainer, which helped her tremendously.

This all-encompassing training program began with her own personal development, including inner transformations like clearing energy blockages within herself, healing past patterns, protecting her aura, and overcoming fears, phobias, and limiting beliefs.

A crucial aspect learned in this coaching was how to manage your emotions effectively through `Journaling’.

Secondly, leadership development.

A key change was that she became aware of her hidden leadership strengths, elevating her confidence to stride ahead with courage.

This course helped identify how she was perceived as a leader.

Sangeeta’s Story – Benefits Gained From Her Coaching Program

Sangeetha is an experienced program manager with 17 years of experience and is working at one of the world’s leading IT companies.

She is an individual contributor, has met all the goals she had set for herself in all areas, and is at a crossroads on what to do next.

Her company was under acquisition, and change management processes were being rolled out.

In the process of her career transition, she was taking a course to check out her interest in product management.

With questions on whether to change domains, change companies, or try a hand at people management (which she had tried and not liked in the earlier years), she decided to explore the power talk with Bhuwan to see if that helped.

The power talk was very promising, as he seemed to prompt her with the right questions, making her think deeper.

Talking to a coach interested in her success made sense, and she opted for 3 months of personal coaching. She was looking for a program that provided personalized guidance and support to help her maximize her potential.

Bhuwan’s one-on-one mentoring matched her requirements, and she decided to join the coaching.

This was a great opportunity to learn and upskill—a stepping stone to embarking on her leadership path!


Sangeeta shares her inspiring success story :

“I enrolled for Bhuwan Pant’s coaching with an open mind and without any expectations!

And believe me, it was the best decision I have taken, as it deeply impacted my professional journey.

Not only was the trainer exceptional, but he also imparted invaluable insights into the intricacies of effective leadership.”.

The coaching helped in several ways, as listed below :

  • Clarity in thought: Knowing clearly what I wanted in the short and long term helped me plan my future better. Asking myself a bunch of questions led me to organize my thoughts, enhance my power of observation, and derive clarity about my career goals, purpose, and ambition.


  • Areas of Improvement: – majority of us are aware of our strengths and positive traits, but seldom do we know our weaknesses or blind spots. Through this coaching, I gained a deeper understanding of my weaknesses, areas of improvement, and strategies to address them. It was an in-depth analysis to find my hidden qualities through powerful visualization techniques and exercises. It was definitely an eye-opener!


  • Innovative, Helpful Tools & techniques play a key role in bringing about transformation for the overall benefit of individuals and organizations.


  • Prioritization—to focus on things that really mattered to me and make beneficial choices—was a key takeaway.

To re-evaluate my corporate journey till now, I need to know what is important for me and whether I could meet the challenges.

Striking a balance between my personal and corporate life, and being able to handle the demands of a bigger leadership role. Having a thorough understanding of this.

Leading to the next crucial step of career planning.

  • Career planning: this entailed chalking out my course of action for the future. WHAT I wished to achieve and HOW. Thus leading to success in achieving my dream career.
  • Working on the mindset – unless we are confident in our own abilities, we cannot tread the leadership path effectively. This program also included ways to overcome negative thinking, which not only boosted my morale but also developed self-awareness and a positive attitude.



The highlight of this coaching program was that it helped me understand my basic leadership style. Some of the key attributes of a successful leader that I learned being:

  •  How to be adept at people management: understanding people better
  • How to handle stressful situations: working on negative and positive triggers
  • How to be calm and focused during crucial meetings.
  • How to improve my corporate communications skills.
  • Advanced Negotiation Skills and How to Deal with Tough People.

Understanding the true meaning of leadership means focusing on your core principles and refusing to let the outside world influence you.

Sangeeta’s success story is an inspiration for those who wish to achieve greater heights in their careers as well as for their own personal development.

Apart from the above-listed benefits, an all-rounder, knowledgeable, and experienced coach like Bhuwan will surely lead you 100% to achieving your professional ambitions.


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